The Worth of Your Life

How much is your life worth? Do you take care of it enough?

When we are born, we start to work for something called life quality. Of course accidents have a big impact but even random events result from out previous actions. Check how much is the path which you follow worth.

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Question 1 out of 11

Do you consider yourself atractive?

Question 2 out of 11

How do you describe your sense of humour?

Question 3 out of 11

How many countries have you been to?

Question 4 out of 11

How much time do you spend on work/learning daily?

Question 5 out of 11

How often do you party?

Question 6 out of 11

How many friends do you have?

Question 7 out of 11

Do you feel good with your work/school?

Question 8 out of 11

How many hours do you sleep daily?

Question 9 out of 11

Honestly... do you feel happy?

Question 10 out of 11

What about your lovelife?

Question 11 out of 11

Do you think that people like you?